Jan 25, 2013

DIY Charging Center

Over the weekend I felt like playing with some of my wood scraps and came up with this neat little charging center using some ripped down 1x4's

I took pictures along the way so here's a quick tutorial.

Step 1:

Rip several 1x4's in half.  Cut two pieces to 16 inches long and three pieces to 6 inches.  Next cut a groove at the bottom of each piece for the shelf to slide into.  Do not cut the front and back pieces from edge to edge.  Route both sides of one of the 6 inch pieces.

Step 2:

Grab one of the 16 inch pieces, line up the grooves of the sides with the groove on the front, glue and clamp in place.

Step 3:

While the sides are drying grab the remaining 16 inch piece and mark and route holes for the cords to fit through.

Step 4:

Position the divider, line up the grooves, glue and clamp it to the front face.

Step 5:

Cut two sections of 3 ply underlayment to fit your shelf segments

Step 6:

Stain the front an back as separate pieces and paint the bottom inserts.  When staining I like to use a prestain as it helps to keep blotching to a minimum.  If you choose to use a prestain make sure you pick one that works with the type of stain you are using, oil based vs. water based.    

After applying the prestain I used one coat of Minwax Weathered Oak (left on for 15 minutes) and one coat of Minwax Special Walnut (left on for one minute).  For the bottom I used Valspar Mistique.  

Fit the back in place and secure with a nail gun and 1.25" nails.  Secure the front and divider as well then finish the piece off with Polycrylic or soft wax.

Step 7:

Add a piece of interest to the front for a vintage feel.

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  1. So fun! I love how it takes the messy cables and tech stuff and makes it mor organized. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays.